Paste It Up! Exhibition – Be a part of it!

Paste It Up! Exhibition – Be a part of it!

WHAT: Be part of an amazing paste up photographic exhibition
WHEN: Saturday 5th March 2016, 11am onwards
WHERE: Team Digital, 268 Lord St, East Perth, Western Australia

There’s nothing like seeing your photographic work in print, and there’s nothing like seeing your work in print up on a wall! Paste It Up! is a photography exhibition where photographers of all levels join in to create a massive public exhibition of their photographs. Whether you photograph as a professional, a hobbyist, an artist or a beginner, Paste It Up! welcomes your photographic imagery.

Works will be exhibited (pasted up) on the wall at Team Digital’s Laneway/Outdoor Theatre area, and you’re invited to be part of this awesome exhibition!


This exhibition kicks off at 11.00am at the laneway next to Team Digital in East Perth (entrance via Team Digital). You’re invited to bring a print (unmounted and unframed) of anywhere from 8×10″ to A3 size to paste on the wall (we will provide you with Blu Tac to put your work up). You can exhibit up to 5 images (it’s a very large wall), so bring in your favourite photographs to put on show!

You can get your prints done at any lab or printing service available. Team Digital are also offering to print your images at no cost up to 8×10″ size using the brand new Epson printer, so bring your images on USB on the morning and get it printed at Team, then take it to the laneway and Paste It Up!


Paste It Up! runs from 11am until later in the afternoon. We haven’t scheduled a ‘closing time’ for the exhibition as we want you to also invite your family and friends to come along and view the works on show.

There will be nibbles and some refreshments provided, as well as fun shooting opportunities in the Team Digital Laneway provided by both Team Digital and Venture Photo Workshops, so bring your camera. Stay tuned for news about these photo events!

The Golden Shopping Trolley Award finalists will also be on show at the Epson Print Gallery next to the laneway, so pop over for a look!


Paste It Up! is free, but we ask for a gold coin donation for your participation so that we can use the event to raise some funds that can be donated to a charity.


As this is a public event and there may be young people attending, we respectfully ask that image content be kept at the PG13 rating. Tasteful, implied nudity is okay. Full frontal nudity might be best reserved for a different exhibition. The same with images that imply intense violence, horror, gore and so on – save those for a different exhibition.


Paste It Up! is a totally egalitarian exhibition where we welcome all types of photographers to participate. So, please help spread the word about this event to your friends, camera club members, photo groups and more!


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