60 MINUTE SNAPSHOT @ the Beaufort Street Festival 2010

60 MINUTE SNAPSHOT @ the Beaufort Street Festival 2010

Want to get involved in one of Perth’s most creative, stylish and tasty Festivals?

The inaugural Beaufort Street Festival kicks off on Saturday November 27, 2010. This free festival won’t be your ordinary community fair — with the participation of local businesses and community, the Beaufort Street Festival will have an unmistakable creative focus, bringing together the diverse energies and talents of local musicians, artists, fashion designers and foodies! It’s expected that this festival will attract between 15,000 to 20,000 visitors!

The 60 MINUTE SNAPSHOT Project, a brain child of Yolanda Stapleton (One Trick Pony), Elaine McLeod (Behind the Monkey) and Martina Ucnikova (Pigeonhole) will be a significant part of the Festival’s Arts Programme. The precis of the Project involves a photographer assigned to each hour of the Festival (which runs from 10am – 5pm).

What’s involved?

During that hour, the photographer will document 60 images. The theme for the project is 60 of whatever it is the photographer decides: 60 faces, 60 hellos, 60 goodbyes, 60 pairs of shoes, 60 corners… The individual photographers can choose what type of “60” they wish to document.

We’re looking for photographers interested in being involved, with the aim of creating a series of 60 images which showcase a wide range of photographic styles – documentary, journalism, Lomo, landscape, street, portraiture, Holga, Polaroid, Instax etc. On the day each photographer will be given a check in time to sign in, upon signing in they will receive promo cards to distribute as they shoot. The photographers are free to roam the festival for their allocated hour shooting their theme of choice.

The Exhibition

This 60 MINUTE SNAPSHOT will commence on the festival date but will continue in the form of a closing exhibition in early 2011 held at at The Slaughterblouse. The exhibition will showcase the photographers involved as well as celebrate the inaugural Beaufort Street Festival. Media, festival sponsors, participants and the general public will all be invited to attend. There will be an opening followed by a 1-2 week run. The exhibition will also include several prizes including a public voted award as well as several sponsor awards.

The Fine Print

We’re looking for photographers keen to participate in this brilliant creative endeavour. Naturally, participation equates to a donation of your time and effort. Funding for the staging of the exhibition, the opening launch and promotions will be funded by the Beaufort Street Festival Arts Committee. Photographers will need to supply a selection of their 10 top images as prints by December 17 for the exhibition. We’ll also require a CD of all 60 images for use in promoting the Project and Festival, including the organising body of the Beaufort Street Network. While intellectual property of all images naturally belong to the photographers, we require that you release the images for the Festival Organisers to use in promoting and publicising the Festival and exhibition.

Photographers will be able to sell their images at the exhibition with The Slaughterblouse handling all sales. At this stage the exact photo specifications are not available but this will be confirmed closer to the festival date*. Image specifications will be supplied along with a credit list that all photographers must complete. This will be to identify each piece for exhibition. The list will request a title of work, and sale price. The Slaughterbouse take a 40% commission on work sold, please price prints with that information factored in.

How do I participate?

Both Yolanda Stapleton and Seng Mah (yours truly) will be your contact point if you’re keen to participate in this Project. Selected photographers will be provided with  an Info Sheet outlining the Project and Participation Guidelines, and a contract to sign to confirm participation.


If you’d like to be involved as a photographer, please contact Seng Mah at Seng[at]Venturephotography.com.au

For other Project and Exhibition queries, please contact Arts Committee member Martina Ucnikova at martina[at]pigeonhole.com.au

*At this stage we envision each photographer supplying their top 10 images for display. If we require more images (to showcase the depth of the ‘60’ theme) we will reduce the image size to ensure the print costs remain reasonable.

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  • doug lachman

    25/12/2010 at 10:12 am

    i would like to visit the photo exhibition of the 60 minute snapshot project. could you let me know the details please.

  • sengmah

    31/12/2010 at 7:48 am

    Thanks Doug! The photos from the 60 Minute Snapshot project will be on exhibition at Slaughterblouse from 21 Jan to 3 Feb. The Slaughterblouse is located at 451 Beaufort Street, Highgate. Enjoy the exhibition!

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