Travel Photography: The Whys, Wherefores and Hows

Travel Photography: The Whys, Wherefores and Hows

I was part of a recent exhibition of travel photography at the Epson Print Gallery in East Perth, Western Australia. As I was unable to attend the launch due to travel commitments (ironic, I know 🙂 ), I made a short video (ie. not so short 🙂 ) that was played in lieu of my attendance. In this video, I discuss my own experiences as a travel photographer, my thoughts about travel photography and some elements that are dear to me when it comes to travel photography.

Travel Tales Collective Exhibition - Photo by Dennis Tan
My five images in the Travel Tales Collective Exhibition. Photo by Dennis Tan


Travel photography, for me, runs across a range of photographic genres: landscapes, street, portraits, documentary and more. The one thing in common is that these photographs tell something about a time and place, its people, culture, tradition and setting. I was recently awarded the Western Australian Professional Documentary Photographer of the Year at the WA AIPP Professional Photography Awards, and was a finalist for Travel Photographer of the Year (that prize went to my good friend and inspirational photography, Ricky Gestro). For me, travel and documentary go hand in hand — when I photograph during my travels, I’m making a conscious attempt to tell a story: about a location, a setting, a person, a people, a culture.

Here’s the video from the launch of the “Travel Tales Collective” Exhibition at the Epson Print Gallery. I’d like to congratulate my fellow exhibitors – Nico Marino, Mohammed Hosseini, Leah Kennedy and Lynn Gail, and Ben Walton of Team Digital who put the collective exhibition together.

The “Travel Tales Collective” exhibition is open for viewing on weekdays and Saturdays (9am – 1pm) until 30 June, at the Epson Print Gallery, Team Digital, 268 Lord St in East Perth. Please call Team Digital if you’re planning to visit to make sure that the gallery is open (9328 3377).

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