Creative Portrait Lighting

Level up your portrait lighting skills and knowledge while capturing evocative portraits for your portfolio!

Creative Portrait Lighting

Level: Intermediate
Date: Saturday 10 April 2021
Time: 10.30am – 2.30pm
Cost: $240
Instructor/Mentor: Seng Mah
Location: Digidirect Cannington (12 Cecil Avenue, Cannington)
Maximum participants: SOLD OUT. Please contact us if you’d like to go on the wait list.

Course pre-requisites: You need to have done basic studio lighting training and be comfortable shooting in Manual Exposure mode with your camera.

If you have completed an introductory studio lighting course and yearn to level up your portrait lighting, then this workshop is just for you!

Designed for portrait photographers who want to get creative with lighting — breaking rules for creative results and working with lighting to deliver emotive impact — this workshop/event will have you working with 4 portrait models across 4 hours to capture great portraits for your portfolio.

Our focus will be on portraits that evoke emotion, that tell a story, that say something about the person or character. You’ll learn to envision, light and shoot for mood and impact!

This event is all about consolidating your understanding of lighting and introducing you to new ways of thinking creatively about lighting. Through hands-on shooting, you will learn about the effects of different modifiers (octabox, softbox, stripbox, grid), and how you can add creative results with masks and gels. All of this while you’re capturing portraits of our diverse range of subjects!

This event is limited to only 6 photographers (3 photographers per portrait subject during shooting) in order to optimise your learning and shooting experience. Book in early so you don’t miss out!


  • Your interchangeable lens camera
  • Lenses that cover the focal length range of 24mm – 200mm
  • If you are using a mirrorless camera, make sure your “live exposure” or “exposure simulation” is turned off (this is for studio shooting).
  • You don’t need to bring a tripod to this workshop.


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