A juggling act

A juggling act

I’d ducked out of the studio during a day’s shooting on Saturday to grab a coffee and a bite to eat, and noticed this young busker doing a juggling act just outside.

He was drawing a bit of a crowd with his ability to make these clear balls roll over his arms and fingertips.

On the way back with lunch and coffee, I had a quick chat – mentioned that I have a studio upstairs and would he like to pop up after his gig for a few shots. It was a completely impulsive request – fueled partly by this month’s project on the Photographers in Perth group, which was to take a portrait of a stranger. This busker certainly qualified as a “stranger”.

Not long after, he came up and introduced himself as Matt. Here are some of the shots we took in the studio.

Clearly, photography is about freezing the moment, whereas the juggling act that Matt does is about motion: the complete opposite to what photography does. But there can be some magic in the way photographs lock in a moment of time, stopping motion in a split, split, split of a second!

Matt’s a professional street performer (busking is what street performers do on weekends to earn spare cash). He does the festival circuit as a means of income generation. I’d like to have him up in the studio soon for more pictures.

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