Winning Dads are Grinning Dads – Announcing the Winners of our “Make Dads Glad” Father’s Day Competition

Winning Dads are Grinning Dads – Announcing the Winners of our “Make Dads Glad” Father’s Day Competition

Dads have had to put up with unimaginative Father’s Day presents for years. To help turn the tide of pedestrian socks, jocks and power tools, we launched our Father’s Day Competition couple of weeks ago. Entitled “Make Dads Glad“, we asked you to send in a photograph of your snap happy Dad with his camera, and to write a short explanation as to why your Dad needed to win one of two vouchers to our September workshops.

Well, we received quite a number of entries — some of them made us laugh out loud, others had us wiping an errant tear from our eye, while others clearly showed that Dads would rather shoot in Auto than read the bloody manual! After evaluating all entries, we’re pleased as punch to announce our two winners, each of whom wins a voucher to one of our September photo workshops.

So, without further ado, here are the lucky Dads!

The Winners

Renai's Dad

RENAI BUCHANAN tells us this about her snap happy Dad:

My dad is an absolute tech head. He currently owns a better camera than me and has NEVER taken it off auto. I am constantly getting calls of ‘how do I?’ “How can I?”. He also is astounded by my photos taken at Snap Happy meet-ups. Winning this workshop would make me and my Dad very glad as it would get him off auto (and deeply benefit his European trip this October). It will also stop those pesky phone calls!

We think that it’s time your Dad learned to take his DSLR off Auto mode (honestly, who shoots in Auto modes these days?). Renai’s Dad wins a gift voucher to our September 15 Getting Started in DSLR Photography workshop, where he will learn to take creative control of his DSLR and even shoot in Manual Exposure mode! Congrats to Renai’s Dad.


Linda's Dad

LINDA ROXBURGH’S entry told us a very touching story about her Dad and his passion for photography. In her words:

My Dad needs to win this prize because it’s been a tough few years for him after his wife passed away from breast cancer in 2008, but he has managed to keep his sense of humour intact, as you can somewhat see in the attached photo. My Dad has only become really interested in photography in the past year, but the “Getting Started” workshop really helped him gain some new friends and support and fully restore my father back to the amazing person he’s always been.

Linda, we loved your story and think your Dad fully deserves to win a voucher to our “Natural Light, Natural Portraiture” workshop being run on September 23. We hope it keeps him passionate about his photography and he stays the amazing person he’s always been for you and everyone he knows!

Congratulations to our winners (and their winning Dads — who can look forward to a Father’s Day free of the dreaded socks and jocks)!

And if you’re looking for a great gift for your photo-taking Dad for Father’s Day, there’s still time to get him a gift voucher to one of our workshops.

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