Australand Coogee Jetty-to-Jetty Swim 2010

Australand Coogee Jetty-to-Jetty Swim 2010

While most people were enjoying a relaxing and lazy start to a beautiful morning, more than 600 doughty open water swimmers gathered at Coogee Beach to participate in this year’s Australand Coogee Jetty-to-Jetty Swim,

The Swim is an annual event, organised by the Cockburn Masters Swimming Club, sees swimmers partake in one of two ocean swims: a 1.5 kilometre swim from jetty to jetty; or a 750m swim from the mid point between jetties.

When I arrived, the beach was jam packed with bodies in an array of swimwear. Unlike other ocean swims, the Australand Coogee Jetty-to-Jetty swim is open to all ages; the youngest swimmer was 8; the oldest in their 80s.

It’s always good fun photographing events like this — participants get into the spirit of things and joke around with you. Big tip for the blokes: If you want to suck you gut in at a photo opp, don’t just suck it in, but take a deep breath; this puffs up your chest and brings your gut in, making you look athletic and heroic! 😉

Here is a selection of images from the swim. The final photo shows the last swimmer to come in — certainly a tale about the indomitable human spirit!

For photos from full coverage of the swim, visit The Snapshooter website.

Girls at registration

Warm-up stretches

Gathering at the beach

Large crowd

Boys in blue

The beach hike to the 750m and 1.5km starting points.

Swimmers prepare to start

And they’re off!

The finish line

Taking a well-deserved break

This bloke gave his all. While he was last in line, he emerged from the water to a standing ovation!

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