Guildford Autumn Photo Ramble

Guildford Autumn Photo Ramble

Autumn is a fantastic season for photography — the light grows just a mite softer and more golden in the late afternoon; deciduous trees change colours and the temperatures are milder, perfect for a ramble in the beautiful autumn air.

I’ve organised an “autumn ramble” for Perth photographers through historic Guildford. Attending will be members of the Photographers in Perth Flickr group and also participants from my previous and upcoming photo workshops.

For those unfamiliar with Guildford, it’s the gateway to the Swan Valley, and a historic little town with a great deal of village charm and beautiful colonial buildings — a great place to spend an afternoon wandering with your camera and in the company of other photographers.

The autumn ramble kicks off at 2pm on Saturday 17th April. We’ll meet at the Swan Valley Visitor’s Centre on the corner of Swan and Meadow Streets in Guildford. After a refreshing meet and greet at the Rose and Crown Hotel next door, where a pint or two can be downed, we’ll head off into the village for a good and proper photo ramble.

This ramble comes with its own photo challenge; participants will need to photograph eight concepts or themes during their ramble through Guildford:

  1. A rose between two thorns
  2. Autumn harvest
  3. A place in history
  4. Sun and shade
  5. Contemplation
  6. Dare to bare
  7. In motion
  8. The beauty in detail

Prizes will be offered to the top two sets of photographs with the best or most creative interpretation of these themes:

If you’re interested in joining us on this autumn ramble, drop a comment below, or drop me a line.

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