Lina and Jett: a love story

Lina and Jett: a love story

One of the great moments of working with models is when the relationship between models and photographer just clicks.

I was shooting two new models yesterday – Matt Goyder and Wild Kat – and the synergy during the shoot was absolutely amazing. We shot at Yellagonga Park in Woodvale, in an open paddock with a couple of old, crumbling vehicles and the ruins of a cottage, all lit in warm, late-afternoon light; perfect for the story I wanted to tell in these pictures.

Goyder and Kat are almost physical opposites: he is tall and muscular, she is petite. They both love heavy metal (Goyder plays in a couple of local death metal bands) and are engaged And they are just terrific people with which to work.

Together, they created the story of Lina and Jett is one of love, loss, lust and revenge: Jett wants Lina. And Lina wants Jett; but for a completely different reason.

It’s best viewed as a slideshow.

A few frames from their story below, as a teaser.

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