"Or Nearest Offer" 2010 needs your prints!

"Or Nearest Offer" 2010 needs your prints!

Or Nearest Offer (ONO) is a special auction held by the Advanced Diploma in Photography students of the Central Institute of Technology (aka Central TAFE) to raise funds for their end of year graduate show.

This year’s grad show, entitled Focused at Infinity, promises to showcase the best work by the graduates as they move from being students into working as professionals in the photography industry.

ONO is asking for the generous support of professional photographers and photomedia artists who are able to donate a print of their work for auction. All funds raised from ONO will be put directly to the graduate exhibition.

I donated a print from the Chaos and Drama exhibition to ONO last year, and will be donating another print this year (which one? That’s got to be a surprise!)

Landscape with errant figures

"Landscape with errant figures" - Print from Chaos and Drama donated to ONO 2009.

If you are able to donate, please contact Justin Griffiths, the ONO Donations Coordinator, on 0408 866 995 or email justinbengriffiths [at] yahoo.com.au

Prints can be submitted to Fitzgerald Photo Lab at 350 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth, or to Central TAFE at 19 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge. Submissions close on Monday 24 May, so if you’re able to donate prior to this date, the 3rd year grad students will most appreciate it!

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